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What are the Reasons Behind Increasing Investment in AI Companies

Artificial intelligence is changing the world for the better...


Artificial intelligence is leaving its mark on almost every sector be it healthcare, finance, manufacturing or any other sector. Big players in the market like Google, Apple, Microsoft etc are not hesitant to make huge investments in Artificial intelligence companies. As an example, Google acquired AI startup Deepmind for $500M. This shows the interest of technological giants in artificial intelligence.

 There are few things that we are sure about the landscape of artificial intelligence investment:

  • Artificial intelligence has gained the trust of investors over the past few years. This implies that companies are investing heavily in artificial intelligence companies.
  • Most of the investment in the field of artificial intelligence is more influenced towards computer vision, Natural Language Processing, virtual assistant and self-driving cars.
  • Artificial intelligence applications takes considerable time to build and it may take a long time to witness the outcomes of artificial intelligence.
  • The major problem is that even the artificial intelligence market is growing, artificial intelligence is not integrated in company’s processes and majority of the AI solutions for these enterprises are in the testing stage.

Let us find out the reason behind increasing investment in AI Companies:

Increasing Investment in AI Companies

The investment in artificial intelligence has increased to over six times in the past few years. Organizations are investing heavily on artificial intelligence companies. This has speed up the research work process in the field of artificial intelligence. The companies are now able to hire more resources. This is one of the main reason for the growth of AI companies. Business intelligence and analytics have also improved to a great extent which is also important for the growth of AI companies. Some of the Top investors in AI are:

  • Amazon: Amazon is using Natural Language Processing to improve the performance of Alexa. This is a voice assistant that is based on deep learning neural networks.
  • Apple: Apple has invested billions of dollars in voice assistant known as Siri. Siri is a virtual assistant that is built with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • NVIDIA: NVIDIA makes powerful GPU that can perform trillions of calculations in seconds. It is also making a self-driving car for taxi booking service giant Uber.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft invested $50 million in the cloud. This has led to the development of cloud. It provides cloud computing services to e developers and service provides.

AI Companies Gaining Popularity

Many technology giants are merging artificial intelligence technologies with their products and services. They are also integrating data science services in their software solutions. As big brands like Microsoft, Google, Apple has maximum outreach in the global market, people are getting more and more aware of the artificial intelligence. For example, Apple’s Siri, Google assistant, Tesla self-driving cars etc. General masses are curious to know the technology behind these intelligent systems.

Increase in AI Companies startups

Artificial intelligence is attracting many startups. There is a huge rise in the growth of startup companies. Artificial intelligence has become an ever-growing sector and more and more organizations are willing to invest hugely in the artificial intelligence and data science consulting companies. A good investment is helping these companies to grow at much faster rate.

 AI Companies Application in various Domains

Artificial intelligence companies are providing a solution in various sectors like healthcare, finance, banking, animal husbandry and many more. These solutions have led to improve the productivity of the organizations. The speed of carrying out operations has also multiplied. Also, machines are more accurate than humans in performing the tasks. Keeping in view all these advantages, various industries are willing to deploy at least one artificial intelligence application in their organization.

Better efficiency of AI Companies

Natural Language Processing in the machines have led to improving the efficiency. The error rate of the machines has dropped to a very small number. Artificial intelligence has surpassed human intelligence in many cases. Artificial intelligence machines are more intelligent than humans in the visual inspection. Therefore, organizations are more than happy to get the services of artificial intelligence and Natural language Processing companies.

AI Companies Providing Better Security

Every business deals with a huge amount of data every day. Businesses have to keep a record of their data for future use. This data is stored on the cloud servers on the internet. So it is a high probability that data will be exposed to potential threats in the form of hackers. This will uncover the data, strategy and future planning of the business giving a big blow to the business. Data mining applications are fed with a huge amount of data to enable the cybersecurity. Any anomaly or malpractice will be identified and immediately informed to the concerned authorities. This makes the security systems of the organizations more robust and fool proof. For better security reasons, artificial intelligence companies are in huge demand.



The blend of Artificial intelligence with businesses intelligence services in the form of various operations and marketing has enabled businesses to unlock their full potential. Artificial intelligence and data mining applications are tailored according to the problems faced by the organizations. Thanks to AI companies, as without their help such immense growth would not be possible.


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