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The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce [Infographic]

Unless you’re living lonely out there on an isolated island, I am sure you’re read and witnessed the augmented growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the modern-day websites.


AI was just another trend which was supposed to go away just like any other trend. But, when Google acquired DeepMind for 400 million Pounds, the word got out and people started using AI in their apps and on their websites.

A prime example is of Netflix. From suggesting movies that are based on the data of the previous users to recommending movies which are likely to be watched by the user.

AI can be used to create a personalized buying experience which can drive actual sales. Another way in which AI can help drive more sales is by using a Virtual Assistant. How amazing would it be to get updates when the fare of your favorite airline drops? Wouldn’t it be great if you get customized suggestions on your next trip which are based upon your previous traveling history?

The world is moving at an alarming rate out there. And if you want to catch-up with the rise of AI, you seriously need to check out this amazing infographic by Branex – The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce.

The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce [Infographic] - DataScience.US


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