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Personal hospitality touch at the Bot’s fingertips

Hospitality is the industry which relies more on customer engagement for both branding and revenue generation.


For this memory creating industry, “personal touch” to the customer is a value differentiator and analyzing the customer preferences is a key ingredient to define new strategies.

Convinced with the potential of the Chatbot as a multiple purpose mechanism for all what they need, hospitality businesses have already embraced this young technology tool. The thought of Chatbots as conversational hospitality has started expanding the customer engagement horizons to the next level.


Proactive Customer Relationship Management

Up Selling and cross selling possibilities 

Hospitality is both B2B and B2C industry catering individual and corporate customers.  Chatbots can perform as the excellent marketing channels delivering custom promotions in form of suggestions or information to increase up selling and cross selling the possibilities. For example,

  • “You had inquired about see facing view suite last time. We are offering 20% discounts on suit booking, if done between 10th and 20th October, 2018. Click this link to processed, if interested.”
  • “Sightseeing packages at up to 15% discount when you book with us this Christmas.”
  • “It’s high time to redeem your loyalty points expiring by this month end. Your points are enough to entitle you an extra night stay at our resort including complimentary breakfast.”

Continuous Customer Engagement

Consistent engagements are prime requirement to encourage the further business possibilities from the same customer and develop brand loyalty. Once the customers check out, bots can be a perfect tool to keep them engaged through various ways such as:

  • Feedback comments or review/ratings about their experience with the hotel
  • Relevant surveys or similar activities along with incentives (may be in form of loyalty points) for filling them out
  • Sending interest based invitations for events to be held at the hotels
  • Sharing information about business growth or expansions

Context Driven Personalized Service Experience 

Chatbots personalize the customer experience using contextual knowledge. They can understand the customer’s preferences; anticipate his or her further requirements and make relevant suggestions. For example,

(i) If a the customer books a hotel room using the bot, the bot can further ask about requirement of early check-in, taxi booking any many other possibilities.

(ii) If the guest is in the hotel, the hotel bot can provide personalized assistance described in the figure below.

Such intensity of personalization can be proved a strong factor distinguishing the brand from the competitor.


Lead identification

Hotels and Resorts get lot many inquiries through phone calls. Practically, it becomes difficult to keep the record of those prospects, their requirements and the entire conversation. However, the well-programmed bots can look after this process systemically. Capturing the potential lead and maintaining the personalized preference based communication with them become an easily manageable task using chatbots.


Assistance for Data Driven Business Decisions

In hospitality industry, many business critical processes require data driven decisions to grow further such as defining marketing strategies on OTAs, changes in room rates and affiliations with Tour Designers. On the other hand, bots hold both the increasing amount of data sets catering valuable data about customer preference trends and capabilities to support data analytic. If utilized efficiently, bots can be used to derive actionable insights leading to data driven business decisions.

Additionally, bots encounter questions as well as complaints such as:

  • “By when do I need to cancel my booking in order to get 100% refund?”
  • “Breakfast is not included in my package. What are the other possibilities to have it on time at your hotel?”
  • “Do you offer multiple options to design sightseeing as per my own choice”
  • “I need a photo shoot during my stay there, can you help me out?”

Analyses of these questions help the hotel in considering next level communication and operational strategies or policies.


Chatbots are furnishing the customer with personalized and relevant content in an interesting manner through prevalent communication platforms. Hence, businesses are able to keep their customers more delighted and engaged. Moreover, the AI enabled bots are assisting hospitality personnel in making their work automated and cost effective.

Still, conversational hospitality is on its way to the best. Along with the further developments in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, Chatbots will have even more agility to offer.


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