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How to get fast insights from the right data

Data, insights, cloud, agile, analytics. These are all terms that get thrown around a lot in technology these days. But the truth is that unless you can combine some or all of these concepts, the bottom line benefit to your business will likely not as great as you may expect.


Let’s look at one particular combination: data and insights. It may seem obvious to point out, but without the data, you’re not getting any insights. Insights also obviously require data—at the right time and with the right currency—to be relevant.

The currency of data being delivered to your analytics platform is a big issue for many businesses that run into the common problems of data access and data silos. A reliance on resources to serve up data in a format and at a cadence that is often not optimal for an agile organization can be a major blocker.

If you’re looking to use the power of Watson Analytics to get insights from your data, you will see how simple it is for non-data professionals to get actionable and perceptive insights using the natural language functionality of the tool—which can also grab real-time analysis from live social media data via Watson Analytics for social media.

While getting insights into public mood and reaction from social media can be a great benefit to your marketing department, getting insights at similar speed from your organization’s own data is even more valuable.

Watson Analytics gives you fast insights from data, but the process can be hampered if the software can’t access the right data. In many cases, getting the data into the right format, from the right database can require marketing to rely on IT to run a query, extract the data and transform it into something that will work within Watson Analytics.

Clearly, this is a labor-intensive process that adds time and expense to the task of driving insights. But there is a solution!

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