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The World Needs Data Scientists [Infographic]

The second is the data scientist and analyst who looks for the stories and connections within the data that no one else can see. With so much activity going on in the big data space and new data touch points being measured every day,…

The Big Picture of Big Data [Infographic]

There are many sources that predict exponential data growth toward 2020 and beyond. Yet they are all in broad agreement that the size of the digital universe will double every two years at least, a 50-fold growth from 2010 to 2020. Where…

Humans in the Future of Work [Infographic]

The Future of Work #MachineLearning #AI #BigData #Disruption #DataScience #Industrie40 #Entrepreneur #IoT WORK DISRUPTION CONNECTED WORK Virtual teams Service marketplaces Remote operation Crowdsourcing Distributed…