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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Cybersecurity [Infographic]

We detail how cybersecurity startups are using AI to take a new approach to counter some of the most significant cyber threats.


Cybersecurity companies saw a record number of funding deals last year and on a quarterly basis Q1’17 was the most active quarter for deals to private cybersecurity companies over the last five years. Alongside overall rising investment activity, a number of cybersecurity companies are emerging to offer up novel solutions to age-old cyber threats by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). According to CB Insights’ AI Deals Tracker, cybersecurity is the fourth most active industry for deals to companies applying AI.

But how exactly does AI put these cybersecurity companies in a unique position within this rapidly evolving industry?

In the table below we detail four salient cyber threats facing our digital world today, and detail the shift in old-school approaches vs. new-school approaches that leverage AI. We also include notable cybersecurity startups using AI to address each threat.

Two unicorn companies valued at over $1B are included in the table below: the automated endpoint protection company Tanium, which utilizes AI-based Natural Language Processing (NLP), and the predictive intelligence company Cylance, which leverages machine learning algorithms.

AI in cybersecurity can be used to monitor activity on systems and networks in real-time, identify patterns and anomalies from internal and external data streams, speed up detection, free-up resources, enable faster remediation, and generally help improve continuous cyber resilience.

However, it is important to note that AI in cybersecurity is not necessarily a silver bullet solution. For example, non-malware attacks that require no software downloads, and disguise malicious activity within legitimate cloud services are on the rise, and AI is not yet capable of thwarting those types of network breaches.

Scroll down to read an in-depth description of each of the cybersecurity threats in the table and the startups leveraging AI to combat these threats.

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