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Artificial Intelligence- What can it do for us?

AI is getting more and more complex as the years go by, benefiting us in our lives directly or indirectly.


They are used in many aspects of the communities and businesses, and some people don’t even realize they’re doing it. They haven’t completely taken people’s places yet since right now they can only do 5% of jobs today, but they do help make a job a lot easier to focus on things when otherwise we didn’t have time for. So, what exactly can AI do for us?

AI assistants like Cortana is included in of those things. They help with organizing our life. The Human brain can’t remember everything and some things are too important to forget. This type of AI could let you remember important dates, set alarms and events, and helps with basic things like math or tells you the weather.

People don’t have to walk long distances though since we have more advanced transportation. There is now AI software that schedule bus and subway schedules along with new traffic systems. People are also being able to route trips to a vacation spot or help you get out of getting lost somewhere you’re not used to. Robots may be developed to help with transportation of goods, like what Amazon is doing with delivery robots. The most notable thing AI’s are able to do now is allow cars to drive themselves.

Artificial Intelligence- What can it do for us? - DataScienceUS

AI robots are being able to provide health and safety services. AI is now in homes with self-driven vacuums and better security. There are also low costing devices that will have more AI features than before. Low-cost robot arms are now being researched all over which will be available in homes in about 3 years or more. Future AI’s will be able to detect credit fraud and cybersecurity. Doctors could use AI to find tumor cells faster than they can. AI could even tell when someone has a particular disease or will have later on in just by listening to their voice. When someone should need a heart transplant, an AI robot could make cleaner cuts and it will be much safer for the patient.

Education is being improved by AI by providing programs that adhere to someones particular needs in a subject. It also allows teachers to be able to teach more students whole being able to communicate with them. Education AI’s are expensive, so some schools are unable to implement them in the educational environment.

In years to come, AI technologies will expand and improve, helping the lives of people significantly.


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