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Could Artificial Intelligence (AI) be Directing Our Fate?


“I imagine a time when we will be to robotics what canines are to people, and I’m rooting for the makers.” -Claude Shannon

“The Daddy of Information Theory” indicated the power of Artificial Intelligence decades ago and we are seeing it now. We are not aware however the majority of our daily jobs are influenced by Artificial Intelligence like credit card transactions, using GPS in our cars, individual help by various apps in our smart devices or online consumer support by chatbots, and who can neglect the wise cars of Google which are very near to truth. However, are we sure that in future, the developments in Expert system will not be the biggest threat to us.

Today, this intricate programs which is Weak AI is reproducing the intelligence of humans and is surpassing humans in specific jobs. In future, with the evolution of Strong AI, nearly every job of human beings will be outshined by Expert system. The work and job which define our identity and lifestyle will be passed to robotics. There is no doubt that AI has the potentiality to be more intelligent than us however we cannot forecast how it will behave in the coming time.

At present, no one in this world understands whether Strong Expert system will be beneficial or harmful to mankind. There is one group of professionals who think that Strong AI or Superintelligence will assist us in eliminating war, illness and poverty. On the other hand, some specialists believe that it can be criminally used to establish self-governing weapons for eliminating people. They are likewise worried about AI which by itself may develop some devastating methods to achieve the goals.

Some people recommend that Expert system can be managed like Nuclear weapons, but this comparison in itself is not sensible. Nuclear weapons require hardly ever found raw products like uranium and plutonium, whereas AI is basically a software application. When the computer systems will be effective enough, anybody knowing the procedure to write the appropriate code might create Expert system anywhere.

The most popular persons from the tech world such as Costs Gates, Elon Musk and the fantastic researcher Stephen Hawkins have currently expressed issues about the future change of Expert system. They are not wrong in thinking about AI as the most significant existential danger because we are currently dependent on smart systems and in future, this dependency will only increase.

Exactly what we could confront in the time ahead might be our own advancement. We control the world because we are the smartest. When we will not be the smartest, could we keep the control? One solution noticeable today is to research and be gotten ready for any potential negative future outcomes. This will help us to prevent any risks and delight in the benefits of AI.


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